Announcement: Introducing the Latest Innovation in Interior Design From Bellvine!

Bellvine, soon to be synonymous with innovation, reliability and the future of interior design, is just a click away! We are finally ready to launch our much anticipated platform that was two years in the making. Say hello to, the first to-the-trade, interior design marketplace that combines real-time price & availability with instant quote creation! Our platform connects showrooms, manufacturers, and designers by bringing the interior design community to the online world.

Bellvine is the only digital platform built specifically for the interior design industry; it makes available for purchase trade-only products to designers and architects, while also honoring traditional distribution channels and keeping industry relationships intact.

Heather Sawtelle, the founder of the company with over twenty years in the industry, built Bellvine to help designers, showrooms and manufacturers. Designers save time as they access a plethora of the best furnishings. Manufacturers are able to expand their product reach through the platform, gaining access to a new online sales territory, without disrupting relationships with showrooms and designers. Showrooms remain a relevant part of the designer’s online product search, as well as the specification and order process, by engaging with designers based on data generated on the site.

Bellvine incorporates traditional community values with the convenience and efficiency of the latest technology. Sign-up today and step into the future of interior design with Bellvine.

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