A Bellvine Showcase: Helene Aumont

As we venture into the Summertime there is a particular artisan who comes to mind. Helene Aumont, an exceptional furniture designer based in Santa Ynez Valley, marries French sophistication with easy breezy, sunny California.

Helene Aumont was born and raised in Europe where she fell in love with 1940s French Classicism and the theatricality of Italian baroque. Each furniture piece is reminiscent of tradition while being balanced by travel inspirations and understanding of global modern design.

With muted earth and wood tones, clever use of leather and a variety of bespoke finishes (now customizable on Bellvine), Helene Aumont’s latest pieces remind us of safaris in the Serengeti.

Aumont, has been an excellent champion of Bellvine’s platform since the very inception of the company. She very kindly stated “(Bellvine is) a brilliant and ingenious idea, we completely believe it will be very successful.”

To view more products by Helene Aumont, visit the Bellvine marketplace. To get more inspiration on the “Safari Into Summer” trend, make sure to check out our Pinterest board!

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