Welcome On Board Paper Mills!

The Bellvine community keeps getting bigger. We are thrilled to announce that Paper Mills is now available for design professionals to quote and buy on Bellvine!

Paper Mills is a design house that started in Brooklyn, New York by Amy Mills. Specializing in custom hand blocked and painted wallpaper and fabric, each design is versatile and uniquely crafted. Each Paper Mills piece is a journey through self expression, with over 20 years of expertise.

Amy Mills of Paper Mills Making The Sirtaj Print

We love manufacturers who are passionate about their craft and dedicated to making unforgettable pieces for their clients. The video above is just a glimpse into the detailed and personal process of how Amy Mills expertly creates beautiful patterns.

Left to Right: Sirtaj Prints in Memory Motel, Dharamsala and Iago.

The Sirtaj print is available in different finishes on Bellvine’s platform!

Customizable, varied and filled with personal touches, Paper Mills has something for every project and space. Shop all wallpapers through Bellvine.com!

Paper Mills Prints: Top Left to Right: Little Havana (Flamingo), Tania Constructivist, Shanti Pink Champagne; Middle Left to Right: Manitou Doe, Zebra, Topo Hum Drift; Bottom Left to Right: Sargasso Dry Tortuga, Pablo Study Three, Zebra Fern Fiji

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