End of Summer Pool Party- Dive In and Celebrate Design!

Fall is already right around the corner and needless to say it feels like summer just flew by! We want to celebrate the end of the summer with a fun twist: instead of having a delicious cocktail by the pool, we urge you to take it inside to the pool table!

Oda Architecture, featured in Architectural Digest

Sleek and minimal with the statement wood and gold pool table anchoring the room together, Oda Architecture really wows with this simple yet effective design. Here are some pieces we think are perfect for this room:

This striking project by Green Couch Interior Design’s Jeff Schlarb for the San Francisco Design Showcase 2015 was sublime. To get this gorgeous aubergine themed effect, pair your room with a statement chandelier and even play around with a variety of fun wallpapers!

The Wiseman Group- Game Room and Bar

Masculine with liberal use of tans and wood, this Wiseman Group designed game room in Pac Heights, San Francisco is where we would want to spend our weekend.

Madeline Stuart- Linear Side Table

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