Our Editor Shows You How To Travel in Japan Like A Native!

Hi everyone! I am Bellvine’s editor, Aisha Ataka and I recently revisited Japan. I lived in Osaka for two years before moving to San Francisco a few years ago, and it’s always so wonderful revisiting. Here are somethings I love to do when I go back to a place that feels like friends reuniting.

Make sure to visit Mori Art Museum, located on the 54th floor of the iconic Mori Tower in Tokyo’s swanky Roppongi. I was lucky enough to see a very limited exhibition of one of my favorite American artists, Jean-Michel Basquiat!

Jean-Michel Basquiat’s Untitled (1982)

The crown jewel of the exhibit was Basquiat’s “Untitled”, at $110.5 million it is the record holder for the most expensive piece by an American artist.

Who would have known that Asahi Beer (yes, that beer company!) would have an exquisite collection of Monet’s Water Lilies? Visit the impeccably curated Asahi Beer Omiyazaki Villa Museum of Art.

Delectable pizza in intimate settings with just 13 seats and one of the best marinara pizzas outside of Italy, Savoy Pizza is visited by A-listers like Dustin Hoffman & Bella Hadid!

Make sure to reserve before going there as the space is quite limited, but they are very accommodating and friendly! I have been there twice now and the head chef who goes by the nickname ‘Bun’ remembered me a year after my first visit!

Ramen is one of the best way to fill up your belly in Japan and Afuri’s Rainbow Vegan Ramen is as delicious as it is vibrantly beautiful. Light and only using season vegetables, this is a bowl not to be missed!

As much as I love Tokyo and the greater Kanto area, nothing feels like Kansai does. My father is from Osaka which is in the Kansai area. Osaka borders famous cities like Nara, Kyoto and Kobe. The people are friendly, the food is fantastic and you can jump from izakaya to izakaya, from beautiful temple to a peaceful shrine.

Coming back to San Francisco, I reflected on my travels to Japan. Its uniqueness comes from both it constantly morphing whilst staying traditional. Going through the plethora of items on Bellvine’s platform here are my top picks for what items you need to bring a bit of Japan into your interior design:

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